Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It suddenly struck me today
i’m not the one drowning in pain
it’s you who is forcing me down
and I am letting myself go
your gory hands wrapped around my neck
your vile mouth playing with paroles
you have left me in this hungry ocean
to be crumbled and engulfed
yet, I fail to hate you.

Under the vault of heaven
lies a curtained microcosm
the creation of the creator
a sanctuary for the tribes
a neighbourhood affording the psychopaths
and the schizophrenic
with towering trees, cleaved asphalt
and battered souls
that weep all along the witching hour.

I Need You

Touch me gentlywith your caressing mittsoh, it feels so goodjust like a diminuendo fugueplaying in a forlorn cage,like the blue azurecurtaining the heinous shadow,like the beginning of springor the chortling gust,your touch is a conjuring trickthere’s an enchanter behind that maskI see it,I see you,I need you.Let that suave beamsuck away all my vacuous theoriesand create a vacuumto stow devotion for all mortal beings,oh, that beam illuminates my worldfor me, to balance on the trail according to hoylethat surpassing beamI see it,I see you,I need you.Look at me lovinglyI am beautiful to youyou scan me consummatelyso tell me what’s wrong?am I flawless?as pellucid as you?am I enticing?or brilliant like you?your eyes consume my sorrowsbut I want to be like you you are immaculateyes, I see it,I see you,I need you.
I look at her
so perfect,
so fly,
so pretty,
so immaculate,
unlike me.
She’s blameless,
everyone wants to see.
Oh, why can’t I be?
Why am I just me?
I have been defeated by you.
You gashed my heart
I will forevermore have the scar
somewhere immersed in my mind
I feel I was astray
but I had nowhere else to go
diddly squat to follow
you treasured me
or maybe I suffer from paramnesia,
you might be cultivated
yes, you are instructed
but I am just an apprentice
cracking the books to be solid
I am so feeble
I can’t stand up to fall in your arms
I failed,
the story ended too soon.

From Dreams to Flakes

I sit and dream,
dream about wild flowers
hanging down my hair,
dream about that boy
kissing my cheek,
sitting in an unbarred vineyard
breathing green air
and guzzling summer rain,
I dream perpetually,
abruptly embedding a pen
on my kisser,
I nip the pen savagely
envisaging how juicy
a beef steak could be
I chew
and I chew
and I chew
and I chew.
As I ebb into existence
I find ink inside my beak,
cascading like water
cripes, that’s red
blood running down my jaw
blood all over me
pain seduces all my happiness
and it slowly shrinks
all I see is cinders.
I lie beside that pen quietly,
I lie beside my soul quietly.

Just the way you are

Those eyes are loaded with scuttles of tears
those lips tremor in fear,
your bare nails have been gnawed short
what makes you so insecure?
You freeze in their omnipresence
and all your hope has been robbed,
you go underground when the sun ascends
and cry when the light is lost.
You want to be alone, abroad from all
but you still feel so forgotten,
is it because you need love
the love you never earned?
You want to unbar your bland gaze
to scan the world sharper,
but those grody figures you’ve witnessed
you want to dismiss them all from your mind.
Everyday you pledge to be someone new
an able and solid person,
don’t struggle, because you’re unequaled
just the way you are.