Friday, August 5, 2011

..and from here, I begin my journey

As most of you, or none of you, know, this is my second blog. I already have a fashion blog which, i hope, will one day be among the top fashion blogs. 
So, yesterday, as I was sitting in my classroom gazing outside the window but pretending to listen to the teacher, I asked myself, "Do you have a life?". The question was quite perspicuous but it felt like I had lost the answer to it somewhere far away in my thoughts. As I persisted to find an answer to that question another question came running inside my head. "What is life to you? How to you want to live it?" That was the moment when I decided to continue writing. I was always a good writer but a baffled speaker. I had started to show interest in writing and reading novels at the age of 6. Even when I was 3, when all languages were greek to me, I used to sit at one corner holding a big fat book, staring at it interminably . Then, as I grew up I started to visualize the world better and bigger. I started to create other plans for my future and pushed the idea of being a writer to one corner. At the age of 11 Music and fashion topped my priority list. Writing did not come to a halt though. I used to (and still do) compose songs, bringing forth all the emotions that hide inside me. No matter how hard I try I just fail to hide things from myself. Iam 15 and Iam a total slave of music and Fashion. I think the art of writing just flew away with the wind. I dont know if I can ever get it back. Nevertheless, I wont throw up. This is the blog where I will be posting all of my self-composed poems, quotes etc. I cant guarantee to be a very nice poet but yeah, I can assure you that after going through my blog    you wont loathe me. x

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