Saturday, October 22, 2011


When the sun, the light, the day
begins to retreat,
the darkness slowly slays the light
everything conveys the message of being meek.
The trees stand tall on the real estate,
with their crowns bowed down,
the wind lulls something into their ears,
they fall ruined and in sleep they drown.
The flowers look obscure,
and muted and dun,
it's chroma haltingly fades away,
just like the subsiding sun.
All the quadruped mortal animals look for a cave,
where they feel guarded and inviolable,
because the witching hour,
cannot be conspicuously decipherable.
With the ingress of the dark occasion,
old and young sprawl in coma,
aphid bob up and inherit the gloom,
the eventide has it's own aroma.
This darkness conceals masses of lies,
heaps of truth and piles of crimes,
affairs that cant be disguised by man,
is sequestered by the shadow of calumny.
But akin to the whole ball of wax,
the night reaches its borderline,
like every heinous character gets polished off by the god's messenger,
the lambent light kills the cimmerian shade.
Once more the dame sings the aubade,
and embraces the flare,
exhilaration can be sensed in their hearts,
as they turn on the light at the end of the tunnel and with hope they glare.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The unsung melody..

Sing me the melody I wanted to hear,
don't take too long or you'll find me in a casket bier,
because I have already waited too long,
to listen to your mellifluous song,
that song you said was contrived for me,
that song you never made me see.

A part of me inside is dying,
there's no vindication for me to be crying,
my ears are waiting for that chime,
that can't be annihilated by no ode, no rhyme,
no king, no Caesar, no crown head,
can shoot ahead of what you have said.

I brood over the accede you had made,
but I can see it nonchalantly fade,
what am I supposed to encipher from this,
grief, sorrow, misery or bliss ?
i'm craving to get a load of the melody,
you said you had contrived for me.

My perfect day.

Today I tried to search within myself,
the depth of truth was not shallow.
I cant let go the pain inside,
it cant be left this narrow.

I hid the screech that came out of me
with a pleasant cry
I looked around to find happiness,
but that's a gift no one can buy.

I learn to grow, I learn to live,
I learn everyday,
but the day i will make use of it,
will be my perfect day.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Sometimes I grouse about things I dislike,
for my dreams have become gritty and powdery with time.
Sometimes I see grotesque pictures before my eyes,
but I just fumble and push them aside.
I don't want to make a killing or a bomb,
but i'm afraid if my irksome kins lay me off.
I can't stand like an iron pillar, I get flimsy and frail,
because sometimes words sting me worse than an apian.
I don't sport a bedaub over my face,
it's not unfathomable to be on good terms with me or my base.
Be bountiful enough and you'll see,
all the true colours of me will set free.
I may like to croon, to troll, to trill,
nobody can desist me from doing what I will.