Saturday, October 15, 2011

The unsung melody..

Sing me the melody I wanted to hear,
don't take too long or you'll find me in a casket bier,
because I have already waited too long,
to listen to your mellifluous song,
that song you said was contrived for me,
that song you never made me see.

A part of me inside is dying,
there's no vindication for me to be crying,
my ears are waiting for that chime,
that can't be annihilated by no ode, no rhyme,
no king, no Caesar, no crown head,
can shoot ahead of what you have said.

I brood over the accede you had made,
but I can see it nonchalantly fade,
what am I supposed to encipher from this,
grief, sorrow, misery or bliss ?
i'm craving to get a load of the melody,
you said you had contrived for me.