Friday, December 9, 2011


This is a lyrical thought I had Penned down a few months ago..

Wipe out the burns that beset inside of you,
bring to light the charlatan that lingers within you,
perorate the mots you have been sinking to opine,
divulge to the world you are not penitent to play your own character.
Push the truth and let it out,
push the fear out of your mind,
you are the king of your own fate,
be credulous to yourself, that's the only way.
Tribes come to rend you down,
don't be a scapegoat, not this time,
try to be tenacious because you're dauntless,
try to hold on to yourself, you can no longer be tamed.
Don't spin to uncover where you stand,
don't speculate yonder your existing state,
learn to be a combatant,
learn to be a survivor.

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