Thursday, December 15, 2011

Deep convulsions

At the break of day,
when the cuckoo lifted up a voice
pulling all afar from dormancy,
there ascended the red star
that blazed through the dimness
smiling from a cloistered corner.
It had the features of dismay
and gave a companionless glare
to the heavenly body that whirled around it,
it leered at us with awe
and strove to bury the overturned grin
which was acutely herculean.
The spheres abut asked the sun
"wherefore look'st thou sad?"
in a bothered infliction,
but the sun simply cloaked it's dejection
because anything at all it was swallowing
it learnt no one would assimilate.
It moaned when no one peered
it attempted to simper and
award hope to all and sundry,
but his faith was consumed
by contention and bloodshed
it had witnessed enough of malady and distemper.
It eyed a chiliad that cried
and jillions that died
yet couldn't screech to a halt but bemoan,
riff raff killed and died
extirpated their own livingplace
this left the sun unsettled.
It everyday went through discomfort
noting the residers of the globe
annihilate their own fellow mates,
heaps of carcasses cruised
through the red lake
and none was concerned.
The brightest star had seen the Earth
germinate from nullity
just like a little child,
it frolicked around negligently
and mothered
all the earthlings generously.
Perhaps the brainless earthlings
are over cold-blooded to comprehend
the works and deference it,
instead the mankind has made
all sins to despoil it
and has begun to axe the mother that nurtures them.
This concerns the sun
it has perceived it can do nothing
but blandly howl,
it knows none would sense it
because they have begun to envisage
and nail themselves in God's spot.
If you raise your bills,
give ears and scan the sun
you will hear it yowl,
for the blue marble,
for the warfares it has recognized
for all the affliction bred.