Sunday, December 11, 2011

To my bust friend

Sometimes I just take a load off and envision
how empty my animateness would have been,
if I had not been music's paramour,
and just a petty kin.
I would not have known a little about you,
about the bedraggled brain you have,
if you were not here with me till the end of the rain,
I would have remained in situ, halved.
Just like the liquid sunshine delivers chroma to the barren ground
and a preteen does to the ashen charta,
you have tinted my elan vital
with the most comely colors one can see.
My nucleus, my mind, my spirit
is like an open quarto to you,
only you can bury yourself in it and skim me meticulously
this makes our comity real gone.
I trot to you when I feel blue
because you know me the best,
and not to let slip from memory the sweetest part
remember, we share our vests?
The bickers we have had, I would forever exalt
I won't obliterate them ever,
because those were the only things
that succored our friendship be denuded.
My adulation for you will at no time kick the bucket
because you are out of the ordinary to me,
not a soul in days of yore has taken pain for me
as you do.
I long to have you till the end of time
I feel certain that I wont collide into anyone akin to you,
even though you stink like cow pies
I will never terminate my love for you.

For my bustfriend x

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  1. I read it again. YAYAYAY!
    this is beautiful :') I wont be able to find another you. xx