Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From Dreams to Flakes

I sit and dream,
dream about wild flowers
hanging down my hair,
dream about that boy
kissing my cheek,
sitting in an unbarred vineyard
breathing green air
and guzzling summer rain,
I dream perpetually,
abruptly embedding a pen
on my kisser,
I nip the pen savagely
envisaging how juicy
a beef steak could be
I chew
and I chew
and I chew
and I chew.
As I ebb into existence
I find ink inside my beak,
cascading like water
cripes, that’s red
blood running down my jaw
blood all over me
pain seduces all my happiness
and it slowly shrinks
all I see is cinders.
I lie beside that pen quietly,
I lie beside my soul quietly.

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