Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Need You

Touch me gentlywith your caressing mittsoh, it feels so goodjust like a diminuendo fugueplaying in a forlorn cage,like the blue azurecurtaining the heinous shadow,like the beginning of springor the chortling gust,your touch is a conjuring trickthere’s an enchanter behind that maskI see it,I see you,I need you.Let that suave beamsuck away all my vacuous theoriesand create a vacuumto stow devotion for all mortal beings,oh, that beam illuminates my worldfor me, to balance on the trail according to hoylethat surpassing beamI see it,I see you,I need you.Look at me lovinglyI am beautiful to youyou scan me consummatelyso tell me what’s wrong?am I flawless?as pellucid as you?am I enticing?or brilliant like you?your eyes consume my sorrowsbut I want to be like you you are immaculateyes, I see it,I see you,I need you.

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